Station consist of the following. Icom IC-7800 HF rig, Flex 5000A HF Rig with automatic tuner and second receiver ,

IC-910 vhf 2 meter uhf 440 100 watt all mode rig. Icom PW-1 amplifier &  Emtron DX-2SP amplifier. Lower Pic

is my TS-940SAT, TS-820S and accessories and the Kenwood TL-922 amp. Antenna systems

consist of a Th7-DXX Hf beam, KLM 6 element 24 ft boom 6 meter beam, 11 element Cushcraft 2 meter beam, 11

element 440 beam, 160, 80 and 40 meter fan dipole wire antenna, and a 6 meter halo for local contacts. Tower is a

 60 ft 25 G Rohn with a Hazer systems for raising and lowering the antenna's.

You can find me on 3.915, 3.927 , 50.300 most of the time.



Date on pics are not correct. Dates should read 11/25/2009